The Tom Kelly Essay Prize 2017

The Winner of the Tom Kelly Essay Prize 2017 was Laura Tully.

Discuss factors affecting the health seeking behaviour of students.

The Association serves as a forum in which members can discuss matters relevant to the provision, quality and effective management of student health care. It provides the opportunity to share ideas, discuss issues of common interest, and communicate best clinical practice relative to student health care.

Our members are drawn from the many different professions which contribute to medical care in the specialised field of higher education. GPs, practice nurses, occupational health specialists, practice managers and administrators are all well represented within The Student Health Association.

The organisation was established in 1951.

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A Presidents Reflection for World Mental Health Days

Why go into student health?
Sure as heck it's not for wealth,
But rewards there are you can be sure,
Occasional illness you can cure
Though fragile minds in need of care
Will make up more than your fair share
Of patients coming through your door.
You need to give and give some more
And just when you think you can't afford
more time,more energy there is reward.
Young adults grow and see the light
And learn to live and put things right.
Along the way there may be tears,
anguish, misery lots of fears.
But if you help and hold your nerve
they will emerge and full of verve
go on to hold their heads up high
gain good degrees and you can sigh
and smile and know you shared their strife
But they are now equipped for life.
So SHA be very proud
And tell the world and tell it loud
The care of students' mental health
Is worth immeasurable wealth.

Alison James
Former President
Student Health Association