Anyone working in an institution of higher education, or working in a general practice with a high student patient population, is welcome to join the Student Health Association, which offers the following benefits:


•  The opportunity to meet a broad range of professionals from student health care practices across the country.

•  The exchange and sharing of experiences and ideas for best working practice.

•  A web site containing current news and with access to online publications.

•  An e-mail discussion service.

•  A study day in the spring term.

•  The annual conference (3-4 days, held usually in early July)


Join now by using our on-line membership options on our conference web site:

We offer group memberships for practices which includes a Student Health Association brass wall plaque for your workplace.

We now have Group memberships available:

Members Cost £
1 40
2 - 3 80
4 - 6 120
7 - 9 200
10+ 250