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The Student Health Association (formerly known as BAHSHE)

The Association serves as a forum in which members can discuss matters relevant to the provision, quality and effective management of student health care, and it provides the opportunity to share ideas, discuss issues of common interest, and communicate best clinical practise relative to student health care.

To become a member or to book for the latest Conference in Bristol please visit our booking site

Conference 2013 in Loughborough is now a happy memory. A a great time was had by all, with superb speakers and excellent social events - see our Conference page for more information including links to speaker's presentations

Conference plans are already underway for Conference 2014 in Bristol. Why not view our short Bristol preview PowerPoint presentation? Presentation promoting Bristol for Conference 2014

Our members are drawn from the many different professions which contribute to medical care in the specialised field of higher education. GPs, practice nurses, occupational health specialists, practice managers and administrators are all well represented within The Student Health Association

Our membership covers predominantly the UK, although we have international members too

The organisation was established in 1951

Last updated: October 2013