The Student Health Association runs the Student Enablement Fund (est.1967). The fund helps students with disabilities to keep up with their studies. The maximum amount of each award is £500 and students must be involved in higher education on a full-time or nearly full-time basis.

We expect students to apply for the Disabled Students Allowance before applying to the Student Enablement Fund.

  1. You must first consult the Disabled Students Allowance web site to see if you are eligible to apply for Disabled Students Allowance.
  2. If you are, then you must apply for Disabled Students Allowance and wait for the outcome before you can apply for a Student Enablement Fund bursary.
  3. Students who are disabled but are not entitled to Disabled Students Allowance (either because they are ineligible or because they have been refused) are more likely to receive an award from the Student Disability Assistance Fund than students who are entitled to Disabled Students Allowance.
  4. You must have started your course before applying for a grant.
  5. If you are eligible to apply for a Student Enablement Fund grant, you will have to complete an application form and the provide us with supporting evidence. If your application is incomplete, or if you do not deal with follow-up queries promptly, we will not consider it further.
  6. Deadlines for applications are March 1st, July 1st and November 1st of each year. If you are eligible to apply for a Student Enablement Fund grant complete the application below and send us your supporting evidence.
  7. After submitting your form please scan and send your supporting evidence to: shaaf@studenthealthassociation.co.uk

Please note incomplete applications at the cut off date (e.g. supporting evidence has not been received) will be discontinued and candidates will need to reapply in the next period.

  • Medical letter from your doctor confirming your medical condition or disability, or – if appropriate – a evidence of a dyslexia diagnosis. Note: Medical letter does not need to be detailed; copies of letters from specialists are acceptable.
  • Supporting letter from tutor, welfare adviser, disability officer or equivalent from University. Note: The supporting letter must be dated, on headed paper from the University and confirm attendance on the course.
  • Result of application for Disabled Students Allowance.
  • The approximate cost of items for which you require funds (i.e. note-taking, signing, travel, etc). Note that these items should be extra to those needed by other students, i.e. your need for them should be because of your medical problem.
  • You must state whether you have applied to and / or been granted funds from any other charitable organisations and whether you are receiving grants from any other sources, i.e. Disabled Students Allowance.

Unfortunately we cannot respond to any telephone enquiries or give information about prospective or pending applications.

Follow the link below to read the application guidance and then fill out the online form at the bottom of the next page.