Student Enablement Fund

Application guidance

  • Students must apply for Disabled Students’ Allowance if eligible. It now includes both full-time and part-time students at under-graduate and post graduate level including Open University students.
  • The outcome of your application for DSA must be indicated to the Trustees. Please note that failure to provide this information may mean that your application will not be considered.
  • For recipients of DSA, additional awards from the Student Enablement Fund will generally be given only in exceptional circumstances.
  • Please be aware that if you have been successful in receiving a DSA award you MUST include a full copy of the result.  Failure to do this will mean we cannot process your application and it will automatically be rejected.
  • Please note that the maximum grant from the Student Enablement Fund is £500. (This is significantly less than the maximum amount that can be awarded as DSA.) We may need confirmation that funds are being sought from other sources if your requirements are greatly in excess of the amount we are able to award.
  • In addition, it is important to understand that we cannot award to all apparently eligible applicants because of the huge demand on our fund.
  • If you do not submit your supporting evidences before the terms cut off date we will be unable to evaluate your application.
  • Grants are given on a one-per-applicant basis for needs related to illness or disability which mean the student is disadvantaged in their study as compared with other students
  • Only one award will be made to an applicant. i.e. you can only apply once.
  • Items of equipment to aid study such as software, special chairs or other aids are examples of recent awards
  • In addition, contributions may be made to extra travel costs, cost of helper/ note taker, extra books or photocopying incurred due to the problem
  • Expenses incurred by all students such as fees, living costs, books etc needed by all regardless of disability or illness.
  • Cost of medical treatment.
  • Medical equipment unless specific to study problems.
  • Present maximum is £500 per applicant in order to allow maximum number of grants, as there is a limited amount of money available.
  • This does not mean that £500 is always given.
  • Check to see if you are eligible to apply for an award. If you are, you should complete the application form, which will be sent to us automatically.
  • Your application will not be considered by us until you have sent your supporting evidence (see below) to us via email.
  • Please check that you have fully completed your application form prior to submission.
  • Please note we are unable to accept telephone enquiries.
  • Medical letter from your doctor confirming your medical condition or disability, or – if appropriate – evidence of a dyslexia diagnosis. Note: Medical letter does not need to be detailed; copies of letters from specialists are acceptable
  • Supporting letter from tutor, welfare adviser, disability officer or equivalent from University. Note: The supporting letter must be dated, on headed paper from the University and confirm attendance on the course
  • Result of application for DSA
  • The approximate cost of items for which you require funds (i.e. note-taking, signing, travel, etc). Note that these items should be extra to those needed by other students, i.e. your need for them should be because of your medical problem
  • You must state whether you have applied to and / or been granted funds from any other charitable organisations and whether you are receiving grants from any other sources, i.e. Disabled Students Allowance

If you do not submit your supporting evidences before the terms cut off date we will be unable to evaluate your application.

  • The deadlines for application for this assistance are 1st March, 1st July and 1st November
  • It takes about a month after that date to finalise awards
  • Late applications might be deferred to the next deadline

Please note incomplete applications at the cut off date (e.g. supporting evidence has not been received) will be discontinued and candidates will need to reapply in the next period.